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We treat every project as a collaborative partnership. A few of the services we offer are below.

  • 5
    Working with Selena was a fantastic experience. I used her for an audit for a new website and the report she put together was thoughtful, thorough and comprehensive. Technical yet digestible. Her insights resulted in changes to our structure that we're sure brought additional ROI. I'd recommend Selena to anyone looking to ensure they're doing SEO right!
    Paul Gruensfelder
    Director of Marketing
  • crowdrise
    Selena helped CrowdRise develop and implement a full, end-to-end SEO and content marketing strategy. She's incredibly knowledgeable, forward-thinking, and a joy to work with. She's been an invaluable resource to our marketing team and I highly recommend her.
    Jeffrey Wolfe
    CoFounder, CrowdRise
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    I've hired the companies Selena has worked for since 2010 and have collaborated with her on multiple search and PR campaigns. In the past, I ran a small in-house SEO program with limited resources. I needed someone to jump in the ring and evaluate/execute on projects my team was unable to complete. Selena not only jumped in the ring, she dug her teeth in and took on the websites as her own. Her work directly influenced the sites' SEO growth. She has a deep knowledge and passion for search and social marketing and it shines in every project she works on. Not only is she a total SEO whiz, but she's also a fantastic person.
    Meaghan Thomas
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    I’ve worked with a number of SEO companies, but there’s not a single person at any of those companies who compares to Selena. Her in-depth knowledge of SEO is down right impressive. Selena is able to quickly identify areas for improvement, draw up an actionable plan, and work closely with the appropriate resources to work through the action items – even when outside the scope of a project. It’s this ambition that gives Selena an edge and is sure to lead her to a promising professional future in digital marketing.
    Lacey F.
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    Selena's ability to create strategies is surpassed only by her extensive knowledge of SEO. She revels in continuing to learn in an ever-changing industry, keeping up with algorithmic updates and optimization tactics to provide clients with the highest quality and most thorough service possible. Selena strives for constant improvement, seeking out feedback and suggestions from colleagues in an effort to expand her already comprehensive knowledge and skills, and to ensure projects are well-rounded and well executed. She is also a forthright and effective communicator, which makes it very easy to work with her and get the job done in the most efficient manner.
    Michelle L.
    Digital Content Editor & Author
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    Selena is one of the most authoritative figures in the SEO industry. Her knowledge of organic search and ability to devise strategies based on best practices and exhaustive research on clients' sites and niches makes her project management skills the best asset to a client's organic success. Having worked directly with Selena, I can attest to the strength and relentless nature of her work ethic. She never gives 99% on a project. A project isn't complete to her standards until it is 100% perfect. Her passion drives her to live the SEO lifestyle. It isn't a job for her, it is a mission. Clients, the SEO industry, and myself, all benefit from her continued work in organic search. If you get a chance to work with her as a client or colleague, take the opportunity.
    Charles M.
    Director of Digital Strategy